CONTENT: Small Business Websites Strategy

At Etta Bea, we’re not only interested in designing websites that look beautiful- we design websites that facilitate meaningful interactions between you and your visitors. To do this, we’re razor focused on CONTENT.

Content includes all the images, text, videos, and even sounds that your visitor encounters when they visit your website. It’s critical that this content is high quality, engaging, and accessible to your visitors. You have less than 10 seconds to make an impression on a visitor to your website, so if the content doesn’t immediately grab their attention you may have lost them and their business.

There is a lot to consider when curating content for a small business website. Who is your audience? The written copy and photography for a website targeting 18-30 year olds looking for stylish shoes will feel very different from that of a company selling vacation packages to retirees. What is the tone of your brand or business?

Let’s consider two companies offering similar products who communicate very differently with their audience:


ProFlowers has been in the online flower delivery service since the online flower delivery service began. Around since 1998, they’re some of the OGs of the online floral world. One visit to their website and you can tell they move a lot of product.

Their tone feels very “big box”: they emphasize quality, variety, customer service, and speedy delivery. You get much the same messaging that you would expect from a big online retailer like Target or Amazon. ProFlowers allows customers to choose exactly what they want and assures them they’re going to get it on time.


Farmgirl Flowers, on the other hand, are fairly new to the online flower game. Founded in 2010, Farmgirl Flowers started to bring a more local, hand picked, boutique feel to flower delivery. A quick comparison of the two home pages tells two very different stories. Farmgirl Flowers emphasize their mission as much as their product. They’re going after an audience that values where their flowers came from, who want to know their purchasing dollars are creating high paying jobs and supporting local economies. Their customers are willing to pay more for local wildflowers that have been hand wrapped in burlap by someone making a living wage, even if they didn’t get to select the flowers themselves.

You see the difference in the types of photos the two companies chose, the tone of their written copy, the layouts, even the color palettes. One feels like a big box retailer, the other feels like a farmer’s market. The specific tone of each business is consistent from their websites to their social channels and their email marketing.

Etta Bea Design can help you identify a tone for your business website and develop a strategy for content that engages your audience.