USABILITY TESTING: Small Business Websites Strategy

Have you ever visited a website that was creatively so far out of the box that you had no idea what to do once you got there? It may have seemed clever to the designer or business, but it was useless and frustrating to you as a potential client. Or maybe you’ve been impressed with a website design because it really looked beautiful, but when it came time to make your purchase, contact the business, or accomplish your goal it wasn’t clear how? This is because the user of the website wasn’t the center of the design. 

I keep your users, your potential clients, centered in the design process by conducting usability testing during the build of the site. Here’s my secret sauce: I recruit a small number of actual humans to do specific tasks on the unpublished design of your website to make sure the design is not only beautiful but functional. This reveals where actions that seemed obvious to me as a designer might not be obvious to your users. Testing shows me how to better tailor your website to your clients, so they are compelled to act; to hire you, shop with you, and ultimately, become a loyal customer of your business.

The path from what visitors want to the way you will deliver should be clear. The experience your potential clients have when they visit your website- whether they feel frustrated because information is buried, or they can quickly and easily find what they need and get back to their day- largely determines whether you can retain their business. 

Usability testing is a critical part of the design process for all sorts of technology development, but it isn’t always included in building and designing websites, believe it or not. At Etta Bea, we run our designs through testing to make sure we haven’t designed something so clever no one knows how to use it. Your website, much like any brick and mortar location, should be an enjoyable and easy space to navigate.

Let’s strategize the specific needs of your customers and clients to create a website that attracts and retains the business you want!