DESIGN: Small Business Websites Strategy

75% of consumers make judgements about the credibility of a business based on their website design. That means just having a website isn’t good enough. If the design of your website is underwhelming, cluttered, or simply out of date, you risk losing business. The data tell us you have less than 10 seconds to make a first impression with your website. Don’t waste that precious time! Those 10 seconds could mean the difference between capturing visitors as clients or losing them to your competition!


Those first 10 seconds are incredibly valuable. I want your website to make an impact immediately! One of the first things I’ll create for you is a color/mood board for your website. This is where I start to pull colors, fonts, and images together to create a palette for the design. These elements will inform the design choices I make as I’m formatting your website.

Before I create these boards, I want to know your style, and the style you are creating for your business. What colors do you like? What fonts? What kinds of visuals? If you have an existing color palette for your branding, I’ll use those colors. For small, Individual packages I create 2 boards. For larger projects, like a Small Business Website, I’ll create up to 4 boards for you to consider. After we’ve chosen your final color board, it’s time to create your website!

I design exclusively with Squarespace for a few reasons. First, Squarespace designs are already formatted to be mobile responsive. This means that whatever I create for your website on my laptop will automatically reformat for any screen size and resolution. If someone pulls your website up on their tablet or phone, the elements will automatically repopulate for that screen size. It’s critical that mobile users can easily navigate your website on the go, and Squarespace makes this incredibly easy for them.

Second, I find Squarespace designs are consistently clean, elegant, and make excellent use of white space. A cluttered business website with too much text on the screen, too many colors, low quality images, and/or inconsistent font styles is an instant turnoff. In addition, it gives the impression that your business is also cluttered, inconsistent, and unprofessional. When someone visits your website, we want them to feel confident in your expertise. Squarespace, in my opinion, has done the best job of creating designs that make it easy for a business to showcase their goods and services in a way that is easy and exciting for clients.

Finally, Squarespace has made it incredibly easy for me, as a designer, to implement user experience strategy into the websites I design. My approach is centered on making sure visitors to your website can easily find the information they’re looking for, have clear calls to action, and know exactly what they’re supposed to do on your site. 

We’ll talk more about our emphasis in user experience strategy in the next blog!