Etta Bea Design

who we are

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We build beautiful websites for the creative, small business, non profit, and entrepreneur. We are here to support the dreamers and storytellers, the first timers and the hustlers.We launch businesses and dreams, one elegant website at a time.

If you’re ready to level up your business or brand, we are here for you.

We take on no more than 2 clients at a time, working closely with each to design, build, and launch a professional website in 4 weeks, start to finish.

June: Fully booked

July: Fully booked

August: Fully booked

September: Fully booked

October: Open


the process:

how it works

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Let’s meet!

Reach out and say, “Hello!” We’ll send you a short questionnaire over email to get more information about you and your business or project. This important step gives us a base understanding of the type of project we will discuss, and gives the information we’ll need to research your market and competition!


The First Call

Let’s schedule your first Zoom call. Block off 30 minutes to chat so we can get to know you and your project or business. This lets both of us get to know one another a little, and make sure it’s a good fit.


Content, Queen

Do you have high quality content? In order to build a really great website, we’ll need access to your photography, videography, and the branding and marketing you’ve worked so hard to put together. Don’t have content, yet? Let’s connect you with the right experts to get you started.


We got you

This is the fun part! We create a website that perfectly captures the tone, look, and feel of your business or brand. We want to make it easy for your clients to fall in love with you! We make it a priority to complete projects in 3 weeks or less, so we only commit to 1-2 clients at a time. You’re our primary focus during this time!


behind etta bea design



My name is Daryn. I’m a website designer! I love nutty Cheese, True Crime podcasts, the poetry of John o’donahue, and the west coast of ireland.

I am passionate about launching dreams and seeing visionaries thrive! Whether you are building a business, creating innovative products, or a releasing your next book, I want to hear about what lights you up. Let’s design a website that helps people find you, support you, hear you, or hire you.

Squarespace has been my specialty and platform of choice for small business websites since 2013. As Etta Bea Design has grown, I have added HTML/ CSS and Wordpress Development to my tool belt for clients who need a robust, custom website with more advanced plugins and features.

My home office is just north of Nashville, TN, but my favorite thing is to wander. Building websites for my clients has allowed me to work from some of the most beautiful places in the world! Follow my adventures on Instagram @notthedjshow.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand


backpacking Southeast Asia


Amboseli National Park, Kenya